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Flying Merkel

Completely original!

American Flying Merkel 1000cc V-twin with belt drive of 1912. This is one of the few still surviving in original condition!

This brand was started in 1901 under the name Light and when in 1909 constructor Joe Merkel joined the company they started building motorcycles with built-in Thor blocks. That same year Joe Merkel became the owner of the company and the name became Merkel-Light, the motorcycles were sold under the brand name Flying Merkel. Top American motorcycles in usually their special color, also called Merkel - orange. This model is double sprung both front fork and swingarm is sprung. This model was made from 1912-1916. First like these with clutch so that one had freewheel and could easily start and drive off, later with a 2-speed gearbox and with chain drive.

This motorcycle was originally purchased by a farmer in Southern Indiana. It was his pride and joy and took many rides on it. When this farmer became too old to ride, he hung it up in one of the barns on a wooden beam so his son would not ride it. The farmer lived to be 90 and his son inherited the farm. Since he was not a farmer and lived in another state, he sold the property with all its possessions to a local logger. In 2015, this owner discovered the motorcycle in one of the barns and contacted a museum if they were interested in it. That's how this motorcycle came back into the light of day in 2016. There was an old repair on the handlebars, the drive belt was gone and some cables and rubbers were gone. also 1 filler cap of the tank was missing. The engine was still loose and had compression. Even the leather straps on the luggage rack were still there that the first owner used to fasten luggage.

This is a unique opportunity to buy a very rare American icon and then in original condition.


Flying Merkel




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