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WLA type VII

100% original,1 10% complete, first paint!!!!

In 2014 this motorcycle was requested by the American Embassy in Belgium to be exhibited in the lobby of the Embassy. On 14/7/2014 there was a ceremony where I was received by Denise Bauer, the ambassador of the USA in Brussels, to thank me for making this motorcycle available.

Very rare to find in this state.
A completely original Lend-Lease Harley built on November 8, 1944 under the army contract 11-022-ORD-3996.America supported the countries that fought against Germany by supplying material. Thus 22,549 WLA's (Lend-Lease) were delivered to Russia. At that time they were still friends with America.
This is 1 of these motorcycles still in completely original condition with the by Russia extra set up army duo saddle. Everything on this bike is original and in first paint. Also this motorcycle has the rare and original identification plate on the tank with engine number and delivery date. Odometer and saddle are also original which is rare. Furthermore, this motorcycle still has the original board material, the bag with spare parts and the manual.
The bike is now for sale as on the first pictures, with original bags, original rifle holder, original cup and original USA military tires!




WLA type VII



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Mail HD-Classic


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