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Koehler Escoffier


350cc OHV Super Sport model.

Koehler Escoffier started making motorcycles in 1901. This brand has a great history in racing. When the French legislation for the championship (Championat de France) changed in 1928 Monet Goyon had a problem. From then on, it was only allowed to race with motorcycles that were completely made in France. Monet Goyon used Villiers (UK) and MAG (Swiss) engines. This problem was solved by buying Koehler Escofier. From 1929, all Monet Goyon models were also delivered with Koehler Escofier on the petrol tank. The brand continued to exist but the models were Monet Goyon.
The model offered here is a 350cc OHV (K) Super Sport model (G) the A stands for Améliorée which means improved. This refers to the double oil pump that now automatically lubricates the OHV part. Very nice sporty bike with nice extras like the compressor on the front wheel for the horn. Motorcycle is completely original and never restored. Great base for restoration or conservation. This motorcycle is a barnfind that after many years finally sees the daylight again. Engine has good compression and gears let take.


Koehler Escoffier





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Mail HD-Classic


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