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model 1903

Beautifully original. Now in good driving condition.

French Peugeot model 1903 (late version). This is a 300cc (2 1/2HP) model. This motorbike is a late 1903 and has already the engine model 1904 but still the frame and tank of 1903. The tank is identical to the 1903 model except for some minor modifications. This is not assembled like this but is original. In this frame fits no 1903 engine! And it is also not a real 1904 model because 1904 is a 330cc and this a 300cc. This model is only 3 months made! There are in France 2-3 other motorbikes known of this model. For the specialists who want to check this: cylinder 300cc was in the catalog under number 2524, the 1904 330cc was order number 2525.

This motorcycle is nicely original. On the tank you can still vaguely see the piping and the Peugeot logo.

Motorbike has just had a full technical restoration and starts and runs perfectly. All bearings of wheels, steering head, bottom bracket,... have been renewed. Have been renewed. Engine is completely dismantled, new bore, new piston, valves renewed, carburetor reserved,...




model 1903



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