April 4, 2020

Timmelsjoch high alp pass Austria.

High alp pass to 3000m
Top mountain motorcycle museum
Hand shifter run
These are 3 reasons to pass here. In Hochgurgl (Sölden a little further on) you can take the Timmeljoch alp pass to Italy. At the tollbooth is the highest motorcycle museum in the world at an altitude of 2175m. This museum is 3000m large and there are more than 300 motorcycles on display. And they are going to expand. Attached to the museum is a very good restaurant where you can also go in the winter from the ski slopes. In this building is also the ski lift. From here you can take the pass to Italy and drive along hairpin bends and breathtaking mansions to the top at an altitude of 3000m. When I'm around I always take a few motorcycles to ride here, unbelievably beautiful and ideal test terrain for the bike. Every year the museum organizes the "Hand Shifter run" a climb on the Timmelsjoch with hand switched motorcycles. Very nice event not to be missed where I like to visit every year. Several riders have already come to this event with "Time Bandits racing team".

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